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EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER - McBride Orthopedic Hospital is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, age, marital status, national origin, disabilities, veteran status or any other classifications protected by applicable law.

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Pre-Employment Drug Screen: I understand that if I am accepted for employment at McBride Orthopedic Hospital, LLC I must submit to a pre-employment drug screen. Failure to pass the drug screening test will result in the conditional offer of employment being withdrawn. 

Pre-Employment Physical: In accordance with the Oklahoma State Department of Health Standards and Regulations and to assure that all employees have the physical qualifications necessary to perform essential functions of the job in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA) without posing a direct threat to the health or safety of others and are free of active communicable disease, I understand that a pre-employment physical examination is required if I am accepted for employment at McBride Orthopedic Hospital, LLC.

Statement of Certification:  By signing this application I certify that all of the information provided on this form is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.  I understand that any misrepresentation, falsification or omission herein,  or during other correspondence, discussions, or interviews will be considered justification for refusal of employment or subsequent termination should I become employed.  I understand that all information provided during the application process is subject to investigation and verification and I authorize McBride Orthopedic Hospital, LLC. to make all necessary and appropriate investigations allowable by law to verify the information provided herein.  I understand that this application is not and is not intended to be any kind of employment contract or agreement. I further understand that in the event of employment, my  employment is at-will and at the discretion of McBride Orthopedic Hospital, LLC. and has no specified term; it can be terminated at-will, with or without notice, at any time, for any or no reason, at the option of either myself or McBride Orthopedic Hospital, LLC.

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